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Starlink+Peplink = unbreakable


1SimpleConnect is a Authorized Peplink & Starlink Solution Provider. We have been a peplink partner for over 10 years and can help supercharge your internet. We provide solutions for a connected world. Utilizing the latest in technology, we offer an unbreakable network for reliable, manageable networking. The service provides redundant internet connections, secure VPN access, and quality-of-service for VoIP phone systems.


We get you connected fast! Whenever, wherever with peplink 5g and starlink.
Instant internet.
Do you have a fiber cut, terrible internet service, no internet ,let us help.


  • Backup internet
  • Starlink integration
  • Bonded Internet, SD-WAN, (5g/Starlink/Wifi/Wired)
  • Connect multiple locations securely over multiple wan links
  • Public ip available on starlink and cellular
  • Bandwidth for streaming audio and video
  • Stream your live camera feeds
  • VoIP

Use Cases



Tough environment. Simple solution.


  • Get connected and stay connected from the beginning of the job, to the end.
  • Plug-and-play easy, yet durable enough for the job site.
  • Connect multiple build sites and VPN to the office
  • Surveillance - Stream your job site camera feeds



Don’t let slow, unreliable connections crash the party.


  • Temporary internet when the occasion calls for it
  • Stay connected with backup, auto-failover
  • Rapid, easy deployment
  • Secure VPN to the office
  • Bandwidth for streaming audio and video (surveillance, entertainment, social sharing)
  • Staff and Guest WiFi (including captive portals)


Fleet Vehicles

Because your drivers and fleet matter, our driver risk management solution offers these benefits:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Protect your investment
  • Increase driver safety
  • GPS speed & mapping
  • Active driver safety alerts
  • Driver event marker w/pre & post event capture
  • Crash trigger
  • Dangerous driver charting
  • Streaming live video
  • Mobile WiFi & VPN connection to office


Mobile workers

Get connected, even on the go. Perfect for mobile healthcare, disaster response, business “road warriors,” etc.


  • Secure VPN to the office
  • Connect to multiple carriers for fuller coverage
  • Easy and convenient to use


New tenant

Bridge the gap between move in and permanent internet install.


  • Open on your schedule with temporary internet
  • Stay connected with backup, auto-failover
  • Secure VPN to the main office
  • Connect multiple locations
  • Bandwidth for streaming audio and video
  • Staff and Guest WiFi (including captive portals)
  • Surveillance - Stream your security camera feeds



“Roughing it” doesn’t have to be so rough. Great for RV parks, campgrounds, B&Bs, hotels, etc.


  • Bandwidth for streaming music and video
  • Backup cellular internet - connect to multiple carriers
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Secure VPN to the office - work anywhere
  • WiFi coverage

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